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  About Tanya
I am a hynotherapist and nurse specializing in hypnosis for pregnancy and childbirth. I am also a labor doula and childbirth educator. I have three children born without any medication.

Experience and Credentials
I have been working as a childbirth educator and labor doula for the past 25 years. I have attended over 1,500 births in this time. I trained as a hypnotherapist and certified HypnoBirthing instructor in 2001 to provide a valuable tool for pregnant and laboring women. I left the HypnoBirthing Institute in 2005 in order to provide additional tools to pregnant and laboring women. I am a registered nurse with eight years experience as a labor nurse.

I enjoy serving pregnant women and their families! I see clients for private hypnotherapy in my offices in Oak Park and I assist women and their partners during labor and birth as a doula/monitrice; and I teach Hypnosis for Childbirth classes in Oak Park and at Illinois Masonic Medical Center.
  • Hypnosis for Childbirth Classes - This is a way to prepare for your baby by using hypnosis to decrease fear and anxiety about birth and to stay calm and relaxed through your labor. Approximately 70% of women who take my classes go through labor with no medication.

  • Doula/Monitrice Care - A doula is a woman who provides emotional, psychological and physical support to couples during labor. A monitrice does all that a doula does, but also has nursing or medical training and uses that background during the labor.

  • Hypnotherapy - I provide hypnotherapy in two locations. Hypnosis can effectively assist with smoking cessation, reducing nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, decreasing blood pressure, and turning breech babies to a head-down position. For women who are not pregnant, hypnosis can assist with weight management as well.

A Positive Labor Experience
Hypnosis is a tool that can assist you in reaching goals and making changes in your health. It is the art of accepting suggestions that, while in an ordinary state of mind, you might discard. When hypnosis is used during pregnancy and labor, these are documented outcomes:
  • Patients who used hypnosis in addition to conventional treatment for pregnancy-induced hypertension required only half the number of hospitalizations than patients who used conventional treatment only.
  • Teaching clients how to control nausea in hypnosis reduced incidences of nausea and vomiting.
  • Hypnosis, used with conventional treatment, stopped labor for longer periods of time than conventional treatments alone.
  • Hypnosis used by itself has been effective in helping to "turn" babies that were in the breech position after 36 weeks.
  • Finally, almost 70 percent of patients who took my Hypnosis for Childbirth class gave birth without needing medication throughout their labors and births.
My office is in Oak Park, IL. I teach Hypnosis for Childbirth classes in two Chicago-area locations: Oak Park, and Chicago (Illinois Masonic Medical Center). SEE OUR NEW WEBSITE: www.centerbirthingtransformation.com for more complete information about our services.

You can reach me at 708-725-3025, or by e-mail at tanya@tanyamchale.com

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